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When it comes to travel, it transcends mere interest and hobby for many of us; it can become an all-consuming passion, the fire in your loins, so to speak. The same can be said of fashion. If you find that you’re a fashionista with a passion, not only for fashion, but for traveling the world, you’re going to want to look your best during your adventures. It’s only natural to want these two passions to intersect and give you the ideal life. Here are a few suggestions to live that dream.


First and foremost, dress for your destination. This is almost a no brainer, but it has to be said, can’t be overstated. Your choice of clothing is going to change based on your destination, regardless of whether you’re fashion conscious or not. So, when you create a look for your trip, take the following into consideration. First, take temperature into account. If it’s cold, dress warm; if it’s hot, dress cool. You also want to dress for the activities you have planned. For instance, a warmer destination may call for more revealing clothes, unless you intend to go hiking, in which case safety dictates a more covered look.

Travel with fashion

Now, the good part, how to make the above advice look good. When it comes to covering yourself for a hike, one great look to come out of it is the combination of jeans and flannel. This rustic look is a classic and goes great with the hiking boots you’ll want to have on hand, well, foot, for your adventure to begin with. However, if you’re going to be enjoying warmer weather is a more civilized area, a cute sundress might be the way to go, and it’s hard to argue with a floral pattern on said dress. Whatever your needs, don’t be afraid to spend a little with a retailer like Kate Spade to make the most of your trip.


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