Medical Must-Haves that Promise to Make your Trip Safer

A well conceived and formulated list of the right emergency supplies will alleviate quite a lot of travel stress and make your trip less burdensome. Whether you are planning that much needed family vacation or looking forward to a hike in the lap of nature, packing in the items that make you feel better (in case you are injured or sick), is a must. Your vacation can be totally ruined by an unexpected illness, locally contacted disease or accident–so, remember to add a small kit of medications and other first aid requirements for proper handling of such moments.

 Travel Smart:  Things that need to go in First

The list of ‘must carry’ items can be endless; and make you go astray. Though there are lots of things that come in handy in the times of emergencies, but you need to shorten the list and include only those that may be required at your destination of choice or during the types of activities that you are wishing to pursue during your holiday.

 Unless you are planning to explore unknown country sides or trek off into the wilderness, there are very few things that you may require in the vicinity of urbanized locations, globally. However, trips to remote corners of the world require greater preparation and you may want to carry along specific supplies, prescription medications and so forth. Here, the thumb rule is: a relaxed leisure vacation in a retreat requires a lot less medical supplies than a camping trip in the forests beyond.

Emergency Supplies that are essential for all Trips

 No matter where you intend to go, a basic medical kit with all regular prescriptions is always advisable. The list of items in this kit may vary from one tourist to another, but the ones that should make it to the bags of all hikers, winter sports enthusiasts, laid-back travelers, art aficionados and so on are: Medical Must-Haves that Promise to Make your Trip Safer - Prescription Drugs Prescription Medicines

Carry an ample supply of all your prescription medications. Have refills in separate places, so that there is no stress in the instance of lost baggage or your return getting delayed/ postponed. Always consult your doctor for medicines that may come in handy at your holiday destination and plan accordingly. For example, travelers proceeding towards Africa should carry drugs for treating any unwarranted incidences of malaria. (Image by New Hampshire Public Radio)

Over-the-counter Drugs

Some commonly used over-the-counter (OTC) medications like antihistamines, cough syrup, pain relievers, decongestants and throat lozenges should also make it to your travel kit—along with a digital thermometer, medicines for motion sickness and anti-bacterial creams for burns, cuts and bruises.


You may like to buy an aloe vera lotion/ gel for combating sunburns while traveling in hot regions or while taking a sea-side break.

 Other Essentials

Depending on how your body generally reacts outdoors, you may choose to carry anti-diarrheal medication, antacids or a laxative with you. Oral rehydration salts may be required in regions known for water borne diseases like diarrhea—you may have to mix these salts in clean water and offset the dehydration caused due to severe diarrhea. Medical Must-Haves that Promise to Make your Trip Safer - First Aid

First Aid

 Bandages, eye drops, gauze, tape, an elastic support bandage, cotton wool and antiseptic wipes are also important. And yes, remember to carry insect repellents, sunscreen lotions, sanitary napkins and other items specific to your need. (Image by Tom Benedict)

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Author: Melissa Larks

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