Planning an Affordable European Vacation

How would you like to plan an affordable vacation to Europe that proves to be friendly with your budgetary restraints? Most American travelers have obviously felt betrayed by ways in which their national currency was behaving in the last few years. However, with $ gaining some firmer grounds, its value seems to be on a gradual rise—with the currency increasing 9.2 percent between January 2010-2012 against the Euro.

 If you pair off a virtually stronger dollar against the currencies of growing tourist markets, European economies and emerging destinations, you will come to a happy conclusion—traveling to the scenic locations in Europe is no longer unaffordable and can spring some very pleasant surprises. With raw deals making a comeback with  a vengeance on hotel rates and   flight fares alike, the budget traveler can now look forward to debiting fewer dollars before traveling to quite a few destinations in the European continent.

For instance, Berlin boasts of a slew of new hotel accommodations—with currently 30,000 more lodging facilities than that available in New York City. This rising competition has contributed to a stoic decrease in the prices of average room rates (which is in the line of $111 per night or slightly more) and is creating interesting avenues for tourists looking for smarter ways of traveling on its foreign soils. So, if you are travelling to Berlin, then do remember to carry the Berlin Welcome Card, which allows you to avail two days of comfortable public transportation and access to160 urban attractions—just for $22.75. Planning an Affordable European Vacation - Sightseeing

Try New Routes

The all new Brandenburg International Airport (BER) is set to provide you with new airway routes to lesser visited and up-and-coming destinations in Eastern Europe. Believe it or not, Cities like Bucharest, Romania, Zagreb and  Croatia offer great value on their hotel tariff rates and are now offering reduced rack rates (up to 20 percent in 2011). The cost of exploring the many attractions of Hungary has also dipped for Americans, with the Dollar upping against the Hungarian currency since July 2011. (Image by TOM BIHN)

If you are intending to travel westwards , then Iceland continues to be a hotspot and savings hub for tourists desirous of Europe travel. There are special packages and rates on offer from  Iceland Air, which flies from USA to Continental Europe with a small stop in Reykjavik. If you are lucky, you end up getting hotels, spa treatments and meals –all for as low as $80!

It is interesting to note that eating out in Lisbon often costs a fraction of what you may otherwise pay in European capitals. So, along with providing an appeal that is similar to Italian and Spanish terrains, this city provides more value for money than its other European counterparts. If you wish you stretch your money on Italian soils, then much as you would like to utilize your stronger dollar in Florence and Venice, it would do you good to use the same in off-beat tourist locations like Puglia –you will be rewarded with much more than century-old olive groves and freshly made pasta!

 Are you ready for the budgeted European magic?


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Author: Melissa Larks

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