Top 10 Things You Must See In France

France is a beautiful country full of attractions. Though this is true, most people often tend to know about and think about only a few places to visit when they are there and depend entirely on tour guides to take them to some exotic places. It’s true the Eiffel tower and centre pompidouis are a spectacular site but wait till you take a visit to the following destinations, France, attraction:

Abbaye Du Mont Saint Michel

World travel agency - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Abbaye Du Mont Saint Michel Must See In France
The first thing you’ll say is OMG when you see this piece of beauty. This is a sand grain of the world’s medieval architecture which was able to secure a place in the UNESCO World Heritage list. This is palace with fortified walls sitting on top of a hill comfortably covering the whole of it as it gazes upon the adjacent sea. (image by Jonathan Thiell).

Notre-Dame Cathdral

Religion is life and we all would love to hear some history of the world religions. While in France, make a point of going to her heart, and here you will find this majestic gothic design by Bishop Maurice de Sully’s which was realized after 170 years of toiling by his craftsmen once Pope Alexander III set the first foundation stone.

Eifel tower

Built to be a mark of the French Revolution’s centennial celebration, it also is world famous architecture that no one would ever surpass a chance to have a photo at. This tower is a stunning 320 meter which is more than 900feet high.

Versailles palace

Locally known as chateau de Versailles, this court is a real breath taker. There are royal cabins, halls of mirrors, and intimate masterpiece cabinets. This is fine artistry and probably at the tip of France’s tourist attractions.

Arenes de Nimes

An ancient Roman amphitheater preserved to this date. This arena is perfect and would leave you wondering how it created to such perfection by the Romans. It has been standing for more than 2000 years, strong and unshaken.

Le val de loire

The Loire valley is really magnificently situated and seems like a beauty in a beast. It is situated within the rugged hilly landscape and seated on a smooth flat landscape, with vineyards and flowers along the river making spectacular scenery which stretches for miles downstream.

Musee du Louvre

World travel agency - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Abbaye Du Mont Saint Michel Must See In France

This is a museum that is world renown and was built in 1190 as a fortress by King Philippe-Auguste. It is probably the most visited museum in the world and as you enter its gates is a glass pyramid that makes you think you have seen enough. This is however the beginning of the wonders in Muse du Louvre.(image by Claudia De Facci).


Who would not want to have his or her own picture of one of the world’s most photographed basilica? I guess none. Well, Sacre-coeur which means Scared Hearth has a white outline which stands tall in the city of Paris and from its highest points you can watch greater Paris.

Arc de Triomphe

I really would love to stand where one of the world’s greatest histories was once vivid. France is where you will get this world’s familiar arch where Napoleons funeral envoy passed beneath. On December 2nd the sun formed a dome when it appeared behind the arch when Napoleon had just won the battle called Austerlitz back in 1805. You can also view Paris by climbing the 284 stairs or taking an elevator to its top.

The Chamonix valley

If you are looking for peace in nature, then you will find plenty here. Also called La Valle de Chamonix, this paradise is back dropped by the slopes of mount Blanc and there is a great lake of crystal clear water which is ideal for sports and views of breathtaking vistas.

So, when you visit France, have an idea of some destinations, France, attraction, you’d want to visit such as these outlined here. You will really come to like it being in France because you just can’t get enough of France of these and more aesthetically pleasing sceneries full of history.


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Feature image by Oscar von Bonsdorff

Author: Shawn Leers

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